Used Firearm Purchase Agreement:

I certify that I am of legal age to purchase a pre-owned firearm and no provincial or federal restrictions prohibit this purchase. I understand that I am purchasing a pre-owned firearm and Rangeview Sports has no knowledge of the prior use, care or maintenance of said firearm. This pre-owned firearm has not been fired or tested by Rangeview Sports, by any gunsmith or any other experienced professional and Rangeview Sports encourages you to have the firearm inspected by a gunsmith or any experienced professional prior to use, if you have any questions about its capability. RANGEVIEW SPORTS IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE WHICH RESULTS FOR THE USE, MAINTENANCE, OR ABSENCE THEREOF, OF THE PRE-OWNED FIREARM. RANGEVIEW SPORTS PROVIDES NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR PRE-OWNED FIREARMS AND, UNLESS PROHIBITED OR VOIDED BY LAW, SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. On behalf of myself and if applicable, my spouse, children, heirs, executors and assigns, I hereby discharge and release Rangeview Sports, its affiliates, employees and agents from any and all liability resulting from this purchase.

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