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Spyderco is one of North America’s premier knife manufacturers. Extremely popular amongst knife and EDC enthusiasts due to their high quality materials and easy to carry practical and ergonomic designs. Spyderco was originally founded by Sal and Gail Glesser in 1978 in Golden, Colorado. They initially sold a tri angle sharpener predominantly at fairs and trade shows. It wasn’t until 1982 that Spyderco developed and released their first folding knife which was named C01 worker. This Knife was the first to have the iconic round hole at the top of the blade to make one handed opening easier and a clip for pocket carrying. These unique standout features would come to define the modern folding knife industry in the years to come. Spyderco now has manufacturing networks across the globe in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Italy. Spyderco currently specializes in mainly folding knives with handles consisting of FRN and G10 while the blades are primarily made using the coveted CPM-S30V steel that is commonly used for high end knives today. Spyderco knives are hugely popular amongst the EDC (Everyday Carry) community for their high quality steel, lightweight, and practical designs. They are also very popular among law enforcement and military customers for this reason. Some of Spyderco’s most popular models include the Byrd knife collection renowned pocket friendly design, the Paramilitary 2 known for being the most popular EDC knife due to its simple, ergonomic and practical design that fits perfectly in the carrier’s pocket. Some other popular models include the Tenacious, Delica, Dragonfly 2, Para 3, Lil’Native, and Spydiechief all of which feature their practical real world use based design. Spyderco has consistently revolutionized the knife industry and has been able to maintain a spot amongst the top and most reputable carry knife manufacturers in the world. Rangeview Sports employees will assist you in finding the perfect spyderco knife for you. Rangeview Sports Canada carries a wide array of Spyderco’s most popular and best knives. Shop at Rangeview Sports located in Newmarket, Ontario for your next Spyderco knife.

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