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We make it easy to do your Reloading right here in Canada! Shop our selection of premium primers, powders, projectiles, cases, brass, tools, and more!

Reloading in Canada is part of an important heritage in our country. There are many options depending on the calibre you wish to reload. There are many components to Reloading in Canada and you must be watchful for the laws and regulations related to the Explosives Act. The components that one will require for Reloading practices are bullets, brass, primers, powders, bullet pullers and other tools of the trade, case cleaning materials, dies, measures and scales, presses and priming tools. These Reloading items and information can be found on Rangeview Sports Inc. website. Rangeview Sports carries all the latest materials and stock all components required for reloading in Canada. They also carry ammo plants which are a small manufacturing tool to easily and efficiently reload. With a full line of items, you won’t be left searching for any items to complete your reload. Rangeview Sports is your one stop Reloading in Canada supply store with knowledgeable staff to help you through each step of this time- honored tradition.