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A variety of Benchmade Knives are available right here at Rangeview Sports. See our selection of Benchmade folding knives, fixed blade knives, and more!

Benchmade is one of the world’s premier high end knife manufacturers. Benchmade is renowned amongst knife enthusiasts for their practical, ergonomic and high quality designs. Based out of Oregon, they were originally founded 1979 in California, then known as Bali-Song. They then went on to change their name to pacific cutlery corporation in 1988. At this time they were mainly known for making bali-song style or butterfly knives. Benchmades current president and CEO is Jon De Asis, son of founder Les De Asis. Part of the reason Benchmade is so popular amongst high end knife enthusiasts is because of their use of high quality steel such as CPM S30V, CPM S90V, and CPM 20CV. The high quality steel they use pairs perfectly with the high quality handle materials such as G10, carbon fiber, and anodized aluminum to name a few. In addition to their consumer/retail sales, Benchmade also makes a large portion of their revenue from military and law enforcement sales. They produce a large selection of switchblade knives as well as hunting, fishing, utility and everyday carry (EDC) knives. Benchmade has exclusive access to the “Axis” lock, which is a very robust spring operated locking mechanism. The Axis lock is renowned for its easy one handed use and strength which is not found on other traditional locking styles. Some of the most notable Benchmade models and designs include the Griptillian, Bushcrafter, Crooked River, Infidel, SOCP, 940 Osborne, and 556 mini griptilian. Benchmade also sells knife accessories such as sharpener and edge maintenance tools, pocket clips, sheaths, tactical pens, knife cleaning and maintenance, and storage options. Benchmade also offers a custom knife builder on their website which allows the user to fully customize a knife from the blade shape, steel, coating, handle, handle materials, and accessories. Due to decreased availability in the Canadian market Benchmade is even more sought after than in the U.S. market. Rangeview Sports Canada offers a large selection of Benchmade knives with new models being brought in stock regularly at competitive prices. Shop at Rangeview Sports located in Newmarket, Ontario for all your Benchmade knives.