Tornado Defense Buckshot 12Ga, 2 3/4″ #00 Buck 9 Pellets 1310FPS – 25Rds


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Tornado Defense Buckshot 12Ga, 2 3/4″ #00 Buck 9 Pellets 1310FPS – 25Rds

These shotgun shells represent the pinnacle of precision engineering, catering to firearm enthusiasts who demand exceptional performance and reliability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each M90 Shotgun Shell is manufactured using top-grade materials, including robust Cheddite hulls. These hulls not only ensure durability but also provide smooth feeding and ejection, enhancing your overall shooting experience. The carefully measured propellant within each shell guarantees consistent and powerful shots, while the advanced primer technology ensures reliable ignition, minimizing the risk of misfires. Whether you’re a sport shooter or a tactical enthusiast, the M90 Shotgun Shells are designed to meet your needs with unwavering precision. At the heart of the M90 Shotgun Shell lies its expertly designed payload. The optimized pellet configuration delivers superior accuracy, whether you’re engaging targets at close range or seeking impressive long-range performance. Every component, from the Cheddite hulls to the payload, showcases the commitment to excellence that Croatia is known for. Elevate your shooting game with the M90 Shotgun Shells, now available in Canada. Experience the power, accuracy, and reliability these shells offer, giving you the competitive edge in various shooting scenarios. Discover the Croatian standard of firearm craftsmanship and take your shooting endeavors to new heights with M90 Shotgun Shells.



PELLETS: 9 Pellets

VELOSITY: 1310fps

SHOT SIZE : #00 Buck




12 Gauge

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