Gunsmithing Service Rated Labour Hour


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Gunsmithing Service Rated Labour Hour

The following are some of the gunsmith services we provide. The minimum shop fee is $60.00. Your firearm license and firearm registration are mandatory for these services and both must be provided when a firearm is brought in for service.

-All prices are reference only.
-Extra time and charge may apply depending on the circumstances.
-Please bring your gun for a specific quote.

  1. Preliminary Inspect firearm and prepare written quote: Free
  2. Bluing for Break/Lever Action
    -Blue Finish: 15 Rated Hours
    -Colour Case Hardening: 20 Rated Hours
    Note: There is an extra charge to remove pitting. Pricing available upon request.
  3. Cleaning & Maintenance
    -Regular Maintenance for Pistols, Rifles & Shotguns: 2 Rated Hours
    -Deep cleaning for Pistols, Rifles & Shotguns: 4 Rated Hours
    -Magnum Rifles, Odd Calibers and Odd Firearms: 5 Rated Hours
    -Annual Service for Break Action Shotguns: 15 Rated Hours
    Note: The cost of spare parts is not included.
  4. Custom Shotgun Stock Work
    -Custom Stock Measurement: 4 Rated Hours
    -Gun Fitting for Adjustable Stock: 3 Rated Hours
    -TSK Stock Installation: 3 Rated Hours
    -Stock Refinishing: 8 Rated Hours
    -Repair: 3 Rated Hours
    Note: The cost of spare parts is not included.
  5. Muzzle Work
    -Muzzle Thread Cutting (with Barrel Only) : 3 Rated Hours
    -Muzzle Brake Installation (with Threaded Barrel) : 1 Rated Hour
    -Re-Barrel Work (Depended on Guns) : 4 Rated Hours
    Note: The cost of Barrels and Muzzle Breaks is not included.
  6. Recoil Pad Installation (prices do not include pad cost)
    -Wood Stock: 1 Rated Hour
    -Synthetic Stock: 1 Rated Hour
    -Pad Installed with Cut Stock (possible chipping): 3 Rated Hours
    Note: The cost of pads is not included.
  7. Scope Mounting and Zeroing
    -Scope Mounting and Bore Sighting: 1 Rated Hour
    -Drilling and Tapping Required (exception: hardened receivers): 4 Rated Hours
    Note: Discount is available for scope mounting with the firearms and/or scopes purchased in Rangeview Sports.
  8. Sight Installation
    -Basic: 1 Rated Hour
    -With Drilling and Tapping: 2 Rated Hours
    Note: The cost of sights is not included.
  9. Test Fire
    -Test Fire in 5-50 yards: 1 Rated Hour
    -Test Fire in 50-300 yards: 2.5 Rated Hours
  10. Verifications
    -Reclassification Paper Work: 2 Rated Hours
    -Antique Paper Work: 2 Rated Hours
    Note: There is an extra charge for related gunsmithing work. Pricing available upon request.




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