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Looking to pick up a Glock Pistol? We have you covered! Shop our selection of Glock Pistols right here in Canada; G17, G19, G22, G35, G41, G44, G48, and more!

GLOCK pistols are ruggedly engineered and created to react specifically to all of their customers needs. Whether you are looking for a model that serves a purpose or just a pistol that you can use for broad range of applications, GLOCK has what you need. GLOCK, Inc. has been in full production since 2013. Boasting a small outline of the state of Georgia on the slide, each GLOCK pistol manufactured in the United States has “U.S.A.” stamped into it. The only place that you will find the GLOCK 42 manufactured is in the United States. There are six GLOCK pistol colors that can be ordered from the factory in addition to black: Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth, Battlefield Green, and Grey, as well as blue and red that are used only as training pistols, mostly for law enforcement. GLOCK pistols have three independent safeties in the SAFE ACTION® System. Although GLOCK has some of the most resilient pistols on the market, they still need to be properly maintained and lubricated. Mr. and Mrs. GLOCK can still be found heavily involved with the direct operation of the GLOCK company. Rangeview Sports carries the numerous GLOCK pistols and accessories.

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