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Shop from a wide range of CZ Firearms right here in Canada! We have a top selection of CZ Canada rifles and pistols right here at Rangeview Sports Canada.

CZ has been gaining momentum in the Canadian gun market. They are industry leaders in IPSC competition shooting with the CZ 75 and CZ Shadow and Shadow 2 models of handguns leading the pack. CZ in Canada also provides law enforcement with a line of handguns for practice and for getting in valuable range time. You can find CZ in Canada at most major firearm retailers such as Rangeview Sports. CZ in Canada is leading the way with affordable models for almost every level of shooter. Building accurate and functional firearms is the main goal for CZ and in Canada, CZ is dominating the market with hunting and competition shooting. Shooters in Canada have come to demand solid and accurate firearms and that shows a high level of expectations that Canadians have for their firearms. Not only can you find firearms with CZ in Canada, but you can also find parts and accessories such as rails, sights and weapon lights that can be purchased through dealers to customize your CZ pistol. CZ in Canada is truly a force to be reckoned with and we look forward to seeing the company grow in our market.

CZ Rifles are offered in either centre fire or rim fire calibres. These are superior, modern firearms that are used for sport, training, hunting and leisure activities. You can choose from bolt action or semi automatic with rimfire rifles. The centrefire rifles come as lite, medium, magnum, Brno and CZ Rifles also come with a left-handed option. CZ Rifles have been kept in families for generations due to their quality and reliability. The hunting arms marketplaces CZ Rifles among the leaders due to a competitive quality/price ratio. With the many options for stocks, caliber, sights, trigger and feeding systems available, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you’re looking for in a rifle. CZ Rifles have become a legend, over the decades, and continue to prove they are a leader in the business worldwide.

CZ Pistols semi-automatic, combine tradition of a strong Czech firearms industry with unrivalled designs and modern processes and technology. CZ pistols has now developed a family of very state-of-the-art models that piggyback off of the infamous CZ 75 model, which has, in more ways than one, redefined the category of defence pistols. The most recently released models include the reliable CZ 75 D COMPACT, which has now been utilized for the Czech Republic Police. Also, worth noting of the CZ
pistols family, are the CZ 2075 RAMI subcompacts, or the CZ 75 SP- 01 family, which has been announced as the official handgun of the double World Championships in shooting, as is described in the official rules of IPSC Production Division. The most recent release is the incomparable CZ Shadow 2. This pistol has been selling out in markets across the globe including Rangeview Sports in Newmarket. CZ pistols have been built on a reputation of lasting durability and sleek design that almost anyone can get behind.