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When using your rifle and you have your target in sight, you want to be able to take your aim and shoot an accurate and precise shot, when you use the iron sights provided with your firearm, you may not be able to get the exact shot that you require, this is where a rifle scope can be really helpful in achieving your objective. Scopes, also called telescopic sights contain a refracting telescope that is equipped with a reticle, mounted on the top of the rifle to give an accurate and precise aiming point.

What are the types of rifle scopes?
Scopes have a long history along-side the development of firearms, one of the very first successful uses of scopes mounted on a rifle was in the 18th century. Scopes are classified according to their optical magnification, fixed magnification, and the variable magnification.
Optical magnification scopes have relatively high lens diameters which enable them to allow more light into the scope which allows for a clear and bright image on the eyepiece.
Fixed magnification is usually not adjustable and is usually selected beforehand based on the use scenario of the rifle.
Variable magnification are scopes that can be easily adjusted using the zoom adjustment mechanism. They can allow you to change the field of view or magnification based on the target or other environmental factors.

What is the best type of scope?
Choosing the right scope for you is a very important activity. You also want to purchase the right accessories like rings, bases, and mounts that would be a perfect fit for your rifles. For this, you need a tested and trusted source for all your scope needs. Vortex makes very high quality, high-performance scopes, sights, rings, and other rifle related accessories that help your gun use be a much smoother experience. If you have the intention to buy a scope, you should also know the best type of mounting systems that would help use your rifle much easier:
The fixed mounting system is simply just attached to your rifle and cannot be removed without the use of tools. They are not very sufficient to be used on long action guns.
The detachable systems allow you to easily switch out scopes and change them to the ones that suit your situation or environment.
The use of one or two-piece bases can also help to install your scope on your rifle. One-piece scopes can help to reduce the effects of recoil.
Rings are important because they give a strong mount for the scope. They may be split horizontally or vertically.

Where to get Vortex Scopes?
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