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Thermal Camera for Church

Thermal Camera for Church

As coronavirus continues spreading, most public places are intensifying their security and safety measures to minimize as much as possible the risk of infection by using thermal imaging technology as their first line of defense. Religious organizations should be no exception.

Essentially a church is supposed to be a haven for its worshippers. If you are a worship facility manager, you are tasked with the duty of ensuring it remains that way— a place people can seek refuge in. Adding a layer of protection by purchasing a thermal camera for church from us that detects elevated body temperatures, goes a long way in protecting your congregants from the pandemic.

The Importance of Thermal Cameras for Churches During This Pandemic

Thermal cameras use infrared technology to detect temperatures. They can read any temperature, even absolute zero, and their accuracy over time has become quite reliable. Elevated body temperature is one of the tell-tale signs of Covid-19 infection. When you place these cameras at your building's access points, they screen the temperature of all the people coming in.

Should the cameras detect anything out of the ordinary, you'll be alerted. This helps you select individuals who need to get more precise screening using a clinical-grade contact thermometer or an NCIT. In case selected persons test positive for the virus, they can be isolated and treated. At-risk individuals can also get help, not to mention you'll have secured your place of worship by preventing potential infection.

Different Types of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal cameras come in different shapes and sizes. There are also thermal cameras that scan one individual at a time and those that can handle multiple body screening. Thermal imaging cameras that can only screen one person at a time may be handheld or placed on a tripod stand.

As someone passes through an access point, say the church door, the camera screens their face and records their body temperature. For accurate readings, they may have to remove obstructions such as glasses. This particular type of camera is currently being deployed in general businesses, airports, and government institutions.  It is, however, not convenient for churches with big crowds.

 If your church experiences heavy traffic, you should consider investing in thermal cameras that screen the body temperatures of multiple people simultaneously. Some of these are so advanced that they offer temperature detection of up to 30 people at a go. Further advancements in thermal imaging technology have also led to the creation of thermal cameras that can additionally recognize faces, tell people to wear a mask, and even sanitize them.

Additional Benefits of Buying Thermal Cameras

Apart from being one of the frontline screening tools in the fight against coronavirus, thermal cameras can also serve other purposes. They can be used to see cold and hot spots in your church. This might help you to pinpoint air leakages or places with insufficient insulation. Additionally, thermal imaging technology can be used to identify failing HVAC systems and overheating electrical systems and thereby help you save hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

Strengthen the Measures Your Church Is Taking in the Fight Against Covid-19

At Thermal Scan Camera, we’ll help you monitor access to your place of worship and protect your attendees from COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases without raising alarm or unrest. Contact us today by calling 1-866-669-3669 or 818-956-6329 if you’re outside the U.S. We have a high-performance thermal camera for church, and we can customize our solutions depending on your church traffic, size, among other factors.

Thermal Camera for Church
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