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Gun shop

Gun shop

An online gun shop in Canada is not only legal but a great way to avoid issues during these trying times. Rangeview Sports in Canada offers a wide variety of brands and ammunition types shipped directly to qualifying customers.

Can I order guns online in Canada?

You need a license to process firearms and a personal acquisition license to purchase ammunition. If you can prove your identity and provide a valid gun license, you can shop for guns online and receive them directly on your doorstep.

Rangeview Sports is entirely legal and capable of providing some of the best brands such as CZ, Glock, and Beretta at affordable prices. Our streamlined logistics keeps our products affordable and our shipping at cost.

What are the most popular brands of guns?

Canadians use firearms primarily for hunting and sport shooting. Some of the most popular brands include Browning. CZ, and Tikka.

Our handguns and pistols are light, customizable, and easy to maintain. We work hard to bring you shotguns, long rifles, hunting rifles, and pistols that keep you on your game. Tackle targets, small game, and big game with our help.

Custom scopes online

Gun enthusiasts know that the base firearm is only the beginning of their journey. Customization is a must when creating the perfect gun.

We sell optics for most of our rifles and even pistols. Whether you need a high magnification Vortex Viper, red dot, or holographic site, we have you covered with quality brands such as Sig Sauer.

Can I purchase ammunition online?

Canadians with a PAL can purchase ammunition online. An online selection is among the best available. The only shelf space to consider is the space in our warehouse. This allows us to carry more than a dozen different brands of ammunition, on par with a big box store but more affordable.

Find ammunition from Federal, Hornady, Sako, and more. We offer specialized bullets for hunting and sport shooting as well.

How do I obtain a gun license in Canada?

A gun license in Canada comes in multiple forms. An unrestricted license requires taking the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Restricted licenses require additional study. Each course builds on your knowledge of proper handling, care, and shooting techniques.

To purchase a gun, you also must pass a background check every time you acquire the PAL. While the course, including the test, can cost more than $250, the PAL is relatively inexpensive and only requires sending a form to the appropriate agency every five years.

Ammo and accessories in Canada

Buying guns, ammo and accessories in Canada is possible through an online gun shop. In these trying times, you do not need to forget about your hobby or personal defense. Online gun dealers continue to operate for anyone with a valid license.

Rangeview Sports supplies accessories and guns from major brands with the online selection of a big box store. We pass our savings on to our customers. Receive your guns with at cost shipping. Get in touch with us at +1 905-868-6666 today.



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