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The CZ rifle is one of the most acclaimed hunting rifles in the world. These excellently designed and stunning firearms are available from Rangeview Sports in Canada.

What types of guns does CZ provide?

CZ manufactures rifles and pistols. The company supplies high-end products with a range of acclaim.

The hunting rifles alone are some of best looking in our product lineup. They are also highly accurate and reliable.

What are the benefits of owning a CZ handgun or rifle?

Handguns and rifles from this manufacturer are easy to customize and come loaded with features. They are:

  • Light
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made from quality materials
  • Reliable
  • Accurate

It is also possible to modify these firearms to create your ideal gun. Add scopes, flashlights, and more.

CZ pistols

A CZ pistol is comfortable. Well made grips provide comfort and capability as you wrap your hand around the handle. Sport shooters find these guns particularly effective.

The handle is built to fit for accurate shooting. The aluminum barrel of the Shadow 2 Orange keeps your pistol firing properly even after multiple range visits. We recommend that you clean your firearms after visiting the range to avoid complications.

CZ rifles

CZ hunting rifles come in many calibers. Take on big game with a .308 rifle or plink and hunt varmint with a .22 long rifle.

No matter what you are looking for, CZ provides. From the 457 rimfire .22 long rifle with its easy and fast loading mechanism to the 557 .308, you can hunt or target shoot for nearly anything. Plinking with a .22 long rifle is a great way to progress towards more advanced use.

How do I maintain my CZ rifle?

CZ may produce high-end guns, but they are easy to maintain. Using gun oil and grease help keep you firing accurately time and again.

These firearms require no special care. When done, store in a lightly oiled sock or bag inside of a sturdy gun safe for best use time and again.

How do I get a gun in Canada?

Buying a gun in Canada is a somewhat more involved process than in other parts of the world. The government requires you to pass the Canadian Firearms Safety course and obtain a Personal Acquisition license.

The PAL allows you to purchase ammunition and must be renewed every five years. You do not need to take the CFSC more than once as long as you pass the test.

Where can I find a CZ rifle or pistol in Canada?

CZ handguns, pistols, and rifles are among the highest quality. They are perfect for hunting and sport shooting. Line up a target at the range or prepare to hunt for your meat. CZ offers varmint rifles and more powerful .308 rifles.

Whatever you are looking for, CZ provides. Rangeview Sports in Canada supplies many firearms and ammunition for this brand to qualified individuals. Visit our website or call us at +1 905-868-6666 for more information.

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