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Best pike lures

Best pike lures

Native Americans, Egyptians, and the Maori shared one collective innovation in their fishing techniques – the artificial bait. They used different materials to curve out the lure, such as bronze, bones, bird feathers, and many other glittering items. Eons later, society still debates about the efficiency of using lures.

Natural baits are more productive and effective because of their odor, color, texture, and motion. Other times, the lure outperforms the bait because they are easy to manipulate and have a wider variety of movements, colors, and vibrations. Should you consider buying the best pike lure for your fishing trip? 

Fishing lures are small artificial baits that imitate the shape and behavior of real fish. The market has an abundance of lures, such as spoons, fly lures, plugs, crankbaits, and jigs. Some have an LED feature that adds to the efficiency of the material.

Benefits of using lures

  • They are not a one-time product and are reusable in many more fishing projects
  • Decoys do not require specialized storage in dirt or water tanks. This advantage makes them easy to use and lessens the weight of the tackle box
  • Lures are clean and fresh
  • Using lures reduces the mortality rate of fish because one can quickly release the fish back to the water
  • Using lures instead of bait causes a significant increase in the baits’ species


What to watch out for when using lures

  • It can take a while for you to find the best pike lures; hence you will end up with clutter in your tackle box
  • Lures get stuck in weeds, rocks, and branches
  • Lures work best when used in areas with an abundant population of fish because they do not attract fish in distant waters
  • The best pike lures have the perfect balance between weight, color, and hook size. 

When is the best time to use lures?

The effectiveness of a lure depends on a couple of conditions. The bottom line is that these tools are better for calm, clear waters, and during warm weather.

How do baits compare with lures?

Baits are real fish or prey. These are the most common baits:

  • Worms
  • Leeches
  • Insects
  • Shrimp
  • Minnows

The bait attracts fish from farther distances because of the smell. It is often cheaper to acquire and ecologically friendly. The main downsides of using bait may, however, deter one and cause them to consider the extra investment of using lures. Here is why baits may not suit your fishing project.

  • Baits are smelly and messy to use
  • They are usually more cumbersome to lug around than an artificial lure
  • One has to make more frequent searches of baits because they only last as long as a couple of days
  • Bait attracts any fish; hence they are not preferable when you want to catch a specific species
  • Bait decreases the chances of releasing fish to the water because they use deep hooks

Our description is not an exhaustive comparison of each choice’s weaknesses and strengths. The final answer depends on your perception of the cons and pros. Gain a clear perspective of your preferred fishing experience to understand which of Mother Nature Lure’s tools will yield better results.


Best pike lures
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