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Benelli shotguns and rifles bring quality to hunting and the sport of target shooting. The company produces a wide range of unrestricted firearms available in Canada from Rangeview Sports.

How can I use a shotgun?

Shotguns have multiple purposes. While home defense may be more limited than in the United States, enthusiasts use these guns for sport and hunting.

Shooting clay pigeons is a growing pastime in the country while hunting remains a form of sustenance. Rangeview brings the quality of these Italian guns to your home within Canada.

What makes a good shotgun?

Quality shotguns are easy to use, lightweight, and powerful enough to reach the distance you want. Benelli guns are know for their superiority and craftsmanship. Some of the most enthusiastic hunters use these guns.

The same shotgun is not a one size fits all tool. You need to consider a number of traits before making your purchase. These sporting and target shotguns carry a premium price so you will want to make sure they work for you.

Traits to consider when purchasing a shotgun

Guns come in varying sizes, shapes, and weights. Look for:

  • A weight that works for you
  • A comfortable grip to improve your aim
  • A smooth trigger action

While we cannot provide guns for demonstration purposes, you can visit your local range with the right permits. Make sure that these premium shotguns are for you as they tend to be pricier.

Hunting Rifles in CA

Benelli is a multi-purpose company. While we sell their quality shotguns, they are also known for their hunting rifles. These guns are rugged and reliable, helping build on a successful brand identity.

These firearms are also unrestricted in Canada. A current license holder can purchase a Benelli gun knowing they are receiving a quality product.

How do I purchase a firearm in Canada?

Canadian law attempts to ensure that gun owners know how to appropriately handle their weapons. This is a somewhat stricter process than in other parts of the world. You will need to maintain a valid unrestricted firearms license to purchase a Benelli product.

The first step in obtaining the license is to take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course. The course covers firearms history, ammunition types, and proper care and handling. You will need to pass the associated test as well.

How much does the CFSC cost?

Taking the firearms course and test is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of your shotgun. The course and test cost as little as $150.

After passing the course, you will need a Possession and Acquisition license. This license is valid for five years and allows you to keep your Benelli shotgun as well as purchase ammunition.

Buying a shotgun in Canada

Rangeview Sports offers ammunition and custom order guns from Benelli. These firearms are known for their quality and reliability. Whether you are hunting or shooting clay pigeons, Italian guns are a great fit for almost any occasion.

Rangeview Sports strives to provide the highest quality products. Pass the CSFC, obtain a PAL, and visit our website or call Rangeview Sports at +1 905-868-6666 for more information.



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