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The Tikka rifle has different series. They are manufactured by Sako in Rihimaki, Finland, and was established in 2003. The company has since then manufactured different series of rifles which include the Tikka t3x, t3 Hunter series, and T1x, among others.

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Hunting rifle

These are rifles that are primarily designed for hunting/ food and games. A hunting rifle is characterized by it balance, design, reliability, trigger quality, etc. A good hunting rifle can be measured by;

1. Size and weight:

A light weight rifle is ideal for hunting. A rifle that comes in handy makes your hunting experience easy

2. Accuracy:

Accuracy is a vital characteristic of a hunting rifle, it is one of the key things a rifle specifically designed for hunting must achieve. Gaming rifle must be able to take down a game at any distance

3. Trigger pull:

A great gaming rifle must possess a powerful trigger pull however accurate it is. A hunting rifle must have a reasonable pull weight, and an adjustable trigger to suit individual tastes. 


Tactical rifles

They are specifically designed and used for precised shooting. Tactical rifles are mostly used under stress, and can either be bolted or semi-auto. The bolt is simpler and more accurate. Tactical rifles are designed mostly for offensive and defensive uses. Tactical rifles are of great effect. You can acquire yours in all forms from different manufacturers and gun retailing stores. The prices range from the lowest price to the highest price.


Tikka scopes

All Tikka rifle models have similar scope regardless of the differences in their design. Scope mounting provides you with different options. They have a receiver that allows for dovetail ring to mount to it directly. Tikka rifles offer and accurate rifle platform, and an advantage of simplicity.


Tikka t3x

This newly improved series has been carefully engineered for a long-lasting use. Below are some features of the new series

1. Improved modular stock:

The Tikka t3x model is made with new modular synthetic stock that comes with interchangeable grips. There is also room for additional grips that can be purchased separately depending on your choice

2. Improved grip:

Tikka t3x has been designed specifically to provide a solid grip. With this new model you do not to worry about slippery grip

3. Improved recoil pad:

The purpose of this is to reduces the impact the recoil has on the shooter

4. Noise reduction:

Tikka t3x comes with a silencer that helps you focus on your target. Other newly improved features are; rail attachment, recoil lug, and ejection port.


Tikka rifles

Tikka rifles are well manufactured and has gone through 1 MOA test for accuracy. They are handy and durable. Some newest Tikka rifle models are; Tikka T1x, Tikka t3x. The Tikka t3 Hunter series are old models. Regardless of their model all Tikka rifles have accuracy and durability in common.

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