Gun store

Gun store

For a long time, the firearm enthusiasts of Newmarket, Ontario, had little in the way of reputable suppliers. That all changed when we at Rangeview Sports stepped in to fill the void. Located in the heart of the town, we aim to make quality firearms available to the people of Newmarket. Our expert staff, combined with our vast catalog and affordable prices, have made us one of the most popular gun stores in all of Ontario. 

The Rangeview Sports Mission

It’s no secret that the past couple of years have been a trying time for gun owners. Changing laws and attitudes have made it difficult for Canada’s law-abiding firearm enthusiasts to indulge in their passion fully. Many of the country’s more old-fashioned gun suppliers have responded to this by digging their heels in deeper and fostering a “them versus us” mentality. At Rangeview Sports, we believe this does more harm than good. It is our mission to create a greater understanding of the importance of firearms and the rights of approved Canadian citizens to hold them. With a view to achieving this goal, we have worked extensively with the CCFR and the CSSA. Through these partnerships, we have also had the pleasure of introducing novices to the joys of sports shooting, thus helping the community expand. By blending tradition with the requirements of the modern sports shooter, Rangeview Sports is crafting a brighter future for firearm owners in Newmarket and beyond.

What We Stock

At Rangeview Sports, we boast one of the most extensive catalogs of any firearm supplier in Ontario. We stock high-quality products from Canada’s top sports shooting manufacturers. We also import products from a number of foreign manufacturers, for those who crave an international flare. While we are based in Newmarket, we deliver to customers all over Canada, creating a nationwide sport shooting community. As a gun store for the modern shooter, we use our various social media accounts to interact with our passionate customers directly. This allows us to tailor our catalog and the items we carry based exclusively to the needs of the common Canadian shooter. Similarly, we understand the average firearm enthusiast does not have tens of thousands of dollars to drop on equipment. For that reason, we strive to offer competitive prices on all of our products. We even hold a number of sales throughout the year. During our sales, you can expect to see our already affordable stock selling at even further discounts. 

Visit Us Today

Rangeview Sports is the number-one supplier of contemporary firearm equipment in all of Newmarket. Visit our store in person or check out our website for bargains on some of the top manufacturers in the country. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by and say hello, even if you’re not looking to make a purchase. Rangeview Sports was founded for firearm enthusiasts by firearm enthusiasts. As such, our staff is always eager to swap firearm tips and stories with other members of Canada’s sports shooting community!

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