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Z-Corr Anti-Corrosion Gun Bag – Pistol 11″ x 15″, Black or Clear


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The¬¨‚ĆZ-Corr Anti Rust Storage Bag was designed to protect most hunting and traditional stock guns from corrosion and general contamination in normal storage conditions. Depending on a firearm’s overall height, optics can remain mounted and are unaffected by VCI molecules.¬¨‚ĆZ-Corr bags are constructed using two materials that offer unmatched anti corrosion protection. The internal layer is a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) material that protects both ferrous (iron) & non ferrous (non iron) metals by guarding surfaces and blocking corrosion causing elements. The external layer is a military grade foil barrier layer (comparable to Mil-Perf-131) which locks in VCI molecules while keeping external elements from migrating into the bag. It is this unique material combination that allows VCI storage bags to last 5 years or more depending on use. Also, VCI technology only interacts with metal surfaces so items such as stocks, optic & light lenses, gun powder, and primers are unaffected and perfectly safe inside the bag.

To use a Velcro Series firearm bag effectively: 1. Clean your firearm as recommended by the manufacturer and slide it into the bag. 2. Press the heavy duty Velcro closure shut. To remove the firearm simply:

1. Open the Velcro closure and remove your firearm.

2. VCI technology leaves be hind no residues so firearms are ready to be used right out of the bag unlike messy oils & greases.

We advise against placing firearms inside gun socks before placing them in Z-Corr Bag