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Tipton Ultra Jag .30/32 Cal. #303033


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We believe the Tipton Ultra Jags are the finest jags ever offered. They use an innovative technology of nickel plating to satisfy the shooter who wants the best tools to maintain his or her guns. The nickel plating will not scratch or in any way harm the finest bore. This solvent-proof material make this the ultimate jag and the only way to truly get an accurate reading of how clean your bore really is. When you use Ultra jags, you’ll get better, faster cleaning results because you’ll know your getting blue stains from copper fouling from your barrel and not from the surface of your jag. In addition, you will increase the life of your jag by protecting the jags brass core from the aggressive modern solvents with the nickel-plated coating. (17-20 Caliber is 5-40 threaded all others are 8-32 threaded).