*Special Order*Zeiss CGR Lens for Pilla Outlaw X6


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*Special Order* Zeiss CGR Lens for Pilla Outlaw X6 in Various Colours

This innovative lens technology provides a new level of performance not previously found in the Pilla lens science platform. This design specification delivers a color enhancing technology capable of reducing glare while providing optimal target definition by bleeding a very specific and regulated amount of light reflection percentage into the sight picture. The edges of targets are sharpened and crisper with a slight reflection of the edges thus providing a significant enhancement of true definition. The achievement is found in the regulation of reflection – true visual modulation – not too much or too little light. Polarized lenses target 99.9% reduction in reflected light which produces a muddy sight picture by robbing the eye of definition. To achieve true definition, objects need a minimal amount of light bouncing off edges to produce sharp sight pictures. ZEISS PILLA CGR is a platform that produces a polarizing effect while enhancing the definition of targets through a modulation of light reflection. Glare reducing technologies have not been available with color manipulation until the arrival of ZEISS PILLA CGR lenses.

This lens technology is available in the OUTLAW series. The lens geometry is a specific science that delivers the stringent ZEISS requirements to be certified by ZEISS as a perfect optical instrument.

Item Number:
• CGR Citrine #CCGR
• CGR Dark Quartz #DQGR
• CGR Light Quartz #LQGR
• CGR Pink Diamond #PCGR
• CGR Sapphire #SCGR
• CGR Ruby #RCGR




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