*Special Order* Zeiss Solid Lens for Pilla Outlaw X6


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*Special Order* Zeiss Solid Lens for Pilla Outlaw X6 in Various Colours

Pilla and ZEISS use specific lens design profiles for targeted visual outcomes. Lighting conditions, target color, and backgrounds dictate a requirement for specificity in lens performance. Pilla is a high performance eyewear company driven to provide solutions for any and all visual challenges our athletes face. If you are looking for a lens to work in all conditions you are clearly making a sacrifice in visual aptitude. Our athletes and customers come to Pilla looking for specific lens function to yield maximum performance in any lighting, target color lift, and background they are faced with in competition or the field. All of our new Chromashift lenses are coated with exclusive premium ZEISS Chromashift coatings that reduce glare and tune these special filters. Each family of lenses we create has a targeted color enhancing profile with exclusive ZEISS technology only found in Pilla products. Browse below to learn more about the lens families and the individual lens filtrations.

Item Number:
Chromashift IR Enhanced Definition #9.5CIED
Enhanced Def Glare Reduction #10CED
Cranberry High Contrast #15CIHC
Enhanced Def Glare Reduction #18CED
Chromashift IR Neutralizer #19CIN
Chromashift IR Enhanced Definition #26CEID
Raspberry High Contrast #28CR
Chromashift IR Max Orange #29CIMX
Pomegranate #36POM
Chromashift IR Enhanced Def #38CIED
Green Neutralizer #40CN
Max Orange Boost #44CMX
Chromashift IR High Contrast #47CIHC
Strawberry Infra Red #50CIS
High Contrast Rose #52CHC
Chromashift IR Neutralizer #52CIN
Chromashift IR High Contrast Rose #54CIHC
Peach Chromashift #55PWC
Blood Orange Infra Red #56CIBO
Persimmon High Contrast #58CIP
Watermelon Chromashift #60CHCW
Chromashift IR Bright Banana #64CIB
Max Orange Boost #64CMX
IR Max Orange Neutralizer #65CIMN
Chromashift IR High Contrast Pink #68CIHC
Loquat High Contrast #78CIHL
High Contrast #80HC
Grapefruit Chromashift #84CHCG
Chromashift IR High Contrast Lime #92CIL
Anti-Reflective #98AR
Red High Contrast Pepper #RHCP
Chromashift Neutralizer #20CN *Discontinued
Max Orange Boost #24CMX Discontinued
Enhanced Def Glare Reduction #30CED *Discontinued
Peach Chromashift #70PWC
Chromashift Neutralizer #78CN *Discontinued




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Pilla, Zeiss

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