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Soviet SKS Semi-Auto Rifle w/ Tapco Stock & Detachable Magazine


Out Of Stock

Out of stock

• Russian-manufactured SKS rifle
• Black Tapco SKS stock system
• Folding bayonet

These surplus rifles feature a 20-inch blued steel barrel with a durable black synthetic Tapco stock. The Tapco system gives you a 6 position adjustable T6™ stock, so it will accommodate any sized shooter, a saw style pistol grip for greater comfort and control, and an upper handguard rail for adding accessories. This rifle is fitted with a 20 (pinned to 5) round magazine from Pro-Mag that can be detached or fed with stripper clips.

This rifle is Non-Restricted.

Calibre: 7.62 x 39mm

Barrel Length
Overall Length
Magazine Capacity

7.62 x 39mm
9-1/2 lb.