RCBS Reloading Data Manager Software for Windows


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RCBS Reloading Data Manager Software for Windows


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RCBS Reloading Data Manager Software for Windows



Speer RCBS Dot Load Ballistic Software

Traditionally, ballistics software has fallen into two categories: programs that analyze trajectories, and programs that let you archive reloading data that you developed. If you wanted to do both, you had to purchase two programs. If you wanted industry reloading data in electronic form, you were out of luck.

Until now. Now there’s RCBS.LOAD, a sophisticated program that combines the latest technology in trajectory analysis with an incredible database manager. Bullet trajectories up to six at a time can be viewed as a graph, and you can choose from a list of 1,930 component bullets plus a catalog of over 1,762 factory loads. You can prescribe the initial firing conditions, change the environmental conditions and readily determine maximum point blank range in three dimensions.

As a database manager, RCBS.LOAD sets new standards. Data can be viewed as text, and also graphed for visual analysis. Data can be sorted and filtered to see the details. RCBS.LOAD includes electronic versions of the Speer Reloading Manual #13, the RCBS Cast Bullet Manual, Accurate Loading Guide #2, and many more included free of charge. Also included is an index of data sources, showing where to find loads for over 760 standard and wildcat cartridges. Additional electronic manuals covering most industry reloading sources published over the last three decades are available for purchase from RCBS.

With RCBS.LOAD, you build your own reloading databases that can be analyzed like the industry sources. RCBS.LOAD comes with an exciting Cartridge Designer feature. Starting with a parent cartridge, you can change the dimensions and see the case capacity for your wildcat cartridge recalculate automatically.

There ‘s a handy Ballistic Coefficient Calculator in case your bullet isn’t in the massive bullet database. Other useful references include a kinetic energy calculator, minimum twist rate chart, pressure assignments list, metric equivalents, powder burning rate chart, and a database of dimensioned drawings for over 496 cartridges. Best of all, this power comes at about the cost of four boxes of 30-30 ammo. Try RCBS.LOAD and see why it’s the standard by which all other ballistic programs will be judged.




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