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Mossberg 535 3-Barrel Combo 12g 2-3/4″ or 3″


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Also includes $50 Gift Card and a box of Challenger Buckshot!

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Mossberg 500 3-Barrel Combo

The Mossberg 500 3-Barrel Combo offers amazing adaptability in a pump action shotgun. The 500 is one of the most versatile and reliable shotgun platforms in the world, and is built to the same, uncompromising specifications as the Mossberg 590. The 3-Barrel Combo provides all you need to hunt anything from waterfowl to turkey to deer with a simple barrel or choke tube change.

Comes With:

  • 1x – 24″ Fully rifled, cantilever barrel with picatinny
  • 1x – 24″ Vent rib ported turkey barrel with adjustable fiber optic rear and front sights with XX-full choke tube
  • 1x – 28″ Vent rib ported waterfowl barrel with bead sight and AccuMag choke set
  • Choke tool
  • Cable lock

Finished in RealTree Camo.