MCARBO KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Recoilless Charging Handle 


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MCARBO KEL-TEC SUB-2000 Recoilless Charging Handle

Designed to reduce felt recoil due to the blowback design of the SUB-2000. The heavier charging handle slows down the blowback momentum and their by decreases the felt recoil. The factory charging handle weights 1 oz and the KEL TEC SUB-2000 Recoilless Charging Handle weights 3.2 oz, effectively reducing felt recoil by 68%. This is a fast and easy way to reduce felt recoil on your SUB-2000 while also providing a thicker diameter charging handle to provide more surface area for a more solid grip when charging and operating the bolt on your SUB-2000. M*CARBO has also engineered a heavy duty internal lock up feature to resist wear or breakage to account for the extra weight on the charging handle.


  • Reduce felt recoil by 68% on your SUB-2000
  • Low profile with wider grip surface
  • More positive control and much easier to operate when charging the bolt
  • Includes new 300 Series Stainless Steel Locking Pin for improved handling
  • Adds just 2.2 oz to overall weight of SUB-2000
  • Highest Quality American A311 Stress proof Carbon Steel
  • Heavy duty internal lock up feature to resist wear or breakage
  • Slows down bolt to reduce felt recoil
  • Functions in both the Gen 1 & Gen 2 models of the SUB-2000
  • Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA


Rangeview Sports Canada
Licensed Gun Shop in Newmarket, Ontario



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