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CZ Aluminium Magwell for CZ 75 – Red


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CZ 75/ 85 /SP01 Aluminum Magazine Well

Will Fit in the I.P.S.C. box. Depending on Sight Options
Will Fit in the I.D.P.A box. Depending on Sight OptionsNew super size Aluminum mag well for the CZ 75 series guns.
As large as this mag well is it still fits in the I.P.S.C. box. As you can see in the video you will need to purchase the CZ 18 round magazines (11152) and either trim the base pads or we suggest using the:-
CZ Rubber Base Pads 10070
The Short Extended Base Pads 10187

You Will all also need short grips (CZC Part #10148), or to shorten your grips for this magazine well to work.

At this time there are no longer magazine for the CZ 75 40 S&W guns.
Which means major modifications need to be done to base pads for the 12 rnd magazine to work in the mag well. (or you can use SP01 9mm 19rnd magazines we have tested them and they work fine )

We suggest using the CZ 75 Main Spring Plug for Mag Well (10165)
Main spring plug with pin that goes into the hole on newer CZ Custom CZ 75 Mag wells.
The mag well can be friction fitted, but using this part makes the mag well much more secure on the gun and does not require tightening of the mag well to the frame for a good fit.
Watch the installation video. (NEW 10165 Not included in video)
(Not for the Tactical Sport or CTS)