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CZ 455 Scout, 22LR Bolt Action Rifle [Special Offer]


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CZ 455 SCOUT, .22LR Bolt Action Rifle

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A compact rimfire rifle suitable for young shooters due to the shortened stock (12” lop). There are open mechanical sights and an 11mm dovetail for the installation of a riflescope. As standard, the scout model is equipped with a single round adapter for safe training of basic shooting habits. However, 5-round or 10-round CZ 455 magazines may also be used.

Česká zbrojovka a.s. offers several models appealing to the youngest shooters. Regarding rimfire rifles, it is a variant of the CZ 455 SCOUT whose total dimensions (including barrel length) and overall ergonomics are suited to a child’s build. For basic training there are mechanical sights but there is also an interface for the installation of a riflescope. As standard, this rimfire rifle is supplied with an adapter that is fitted in place of the magazine and allows only one cartridge to be used. The CZ 455 SCOUT model is the ideal tool for the correct learning of basic shooting habits, although it makes an equally good hunting weapon for more proficient shooters.

  • The length and shape of the stock is adapted for young shooters
  • single round adapter
  • adjustable rifle sights
  • shorter 436 mm barrel
  • PH muzzle thread

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