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CVA Paramount .45 Rifle


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CVA Paramount .45 Rifle

The Paramount is CVA’s newest addition to its muzzle-loading rifle family. Unlike any other CVA rifle, this .45 caliber bolt-action gun was developed and designed to handle “super-magnum” propellant charges and thus provides the higher velocities necessary for killing shots at 300 yards and beyond.


  • .45 Caliber
  • Free Floating Barrel
  • Nitride treated 416 Stainless Steel
  • PowerBelt ELR bullets
  • VariFlame Breech Plug
  • Fully adjustable stock
  • Internal aluminum chassis
  • Self-Deploying Compact Ramrod
  • One-Piece Range Rod
  • Quake CLAW Flush Cup Sling
  • Lifetime Warranty

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